As we can understand from the red icons on top, drying ironers have a dual contemporary function of ironing and drying the linen that is processed straight out from the high-spin washer extractor 1000 rpm without needing a pre-drying phase.

This type of flatwork ironer consistently speeds up the process and remarkably reduces the energy consumption in the laundry allowing to cut off a step.

If we are planning the realization of a new laundry, it will be very interesting considering this solution instead of installing a chest ironer. The system using a drying ironer will not result more expensive in the end because we could reduce either the capacity or the quantity of dryers installed.

GMP drying ironer is the right machine to iron linen folded twice, delicate fabrics (silk, satin, organza) and round shaped table linen.

The particular technical solutions adopted by GMP when developing the "G" line, differently from the "traditionally" designed products, grant an excellent finish for all fabric types, included the most complex to treat such as linen, table cloths with embroideries or made of composite fabrics (ex. polyester on one side and cotton on the other) and duvets covers

The video you can download below has been realized during an ironing session that included several fabric types to the purpose of undoubtedly representing the finish level GMP drying ironer can deliver. Linen coming out from the ironer have been accurately illuminated to highlight the finish quality, while the 3D part has been realized to show the internal passages of the fabric into the machine, which would otherwise not be visible.