• GEMINI Dual Temperature Control
  • GEMINI Dual Temperature Control


  • Standard on:E.25 and E.30 line, GMP.30 and G line


Specifically developed by GMP to address one of the most common problematic on flatwork ironers - localized overheating (typically roller cover getting brown on one side), which happens when linen introduction is mostly done using only a part of the useful feeding surface.

GEMINI Dual Temperature Control has been fully developed by GMP and is characterized by the presence of 2 temperature sensors monitoring the whole ironing surface and automatically cutting off the heating when unbalances or limit temperatures are detected.
- Avoids fluctuations.
- Extends roller cover’s lifespan.
- Protects textiles: no scorching.
- No waste of energy.

GEMINI Dual Temperature Control is applied as a standard feature on E line, G line, and GMP.30 line.


  • Hard Chromed Chest

The heart of GMP chest heated ironers: HARD CHROMED STEEL CHEST

  • Standard on:E.25 and E.30 line, GMP.25 and GMP.30 line


WHY HAVE GMP EXPERTS CHOSEN A STEEL CHEST? Because steel represents the most reliable, efficient and longer lasting design for an industrial ironer:

Steel heats up quickly and keeps a constant temperature during ironing. When feeding moist linen temperature is subtracted from the chest surface: steel conserves the heat better than other materials.
GMP hard chromed chest has an excellent protection against accidental scratching. Thanks to a specific hard chrome protection treatment, steel becomes extremely resistant to friction, which is the most critical factor in ironing. 
Steel can be cleaned from residuals building up on the ironing surface (detergents, starch, limescale, melt synthetic fibres) without risking to damage the hard chrome treatment.

GMP hard chromed chest is guaranteed 3 years against corrosion.

  • TENAX Roller Padding


  • Available for:E.25 and E.30 line, GMP.25 and GMP.30 line


TENAX is a stainless steel padding that replaces the standard roller padding made of steelwool.
Purposely designed by GMP for its ironers, TENAX lasts for the entire life of the ironer and opposite to the steelwool does not require any maintenance.

Entirely realized in 100% stainless steel, TENAX is not subject to deformations: its strong structure remains unaltered in time, guaranteeing identical productivity and perfect contact surface along the whole ironer life.
• TENAX definitely eliminates concerns about roller shrinking, wrinkles, insufficient drying and service cost.
It grants the maximum efficiency of the steam extraction: thanks to its perforated structure, it allows easy and quick removal of humidity from the ironing surface.
Medium lifespan of the Meta Aramid cover felt: 4000+ hours.

GMP TENAX roller padding is guaranteed 5 years.


  • Patented Roll Removing System

PATENTED ROLL REMOVING SYSTEM: Fast and Easy Reconditioning

  • Standard on:E.25 and E.30 line


If you opted for steelwool padding, fully reconditioning your ironer in less than an hour and renovating the original ironing finish is now possible, thanks to the patented ”roll removing system”.

Original GMP spare roll is assembled in the factory by automatic and specifically designed tool machinery, according to the strictest quality standards, and will ensure perfect ironing results.


  • Hard Chromed Cylinder

The heart of GMP cylinder heated ironers: HARD CHROMED STEEL CYLINDER

  • Available for:G line



Linen destined to come in contact with food or human skin should not be contaminated by oxidation products that inevitably form on the surface of a polished cylinder. Opting for a chromed cylinder is almost a must in a modern world. Advantages are numerous:

Laboratory tests have demonstrated that chromed surfaces are ideal to grant the maximum hygiene, and new researches proved they grant an even better resistance to bacterial growth than stainless steel.

Chromed cylinder reduces ordinary maintenance costs: it is no more necessary to apply wax daily or weekly.
Preventive maintenance costs are completely cut: no waxing is required during seasonal shutdowns of the laundry, no periodical exhaust motors and piping cleaning from wax residuals needed.

Ironing quality improves thanks to the smoother cylinder surface guaranteed by the chrome coating.
Output remains constant over the years, thanks to belts maintaining their transpiration capacity: wax makes them impermeable, indeed.
Moreover, lifespan of the belts and of the pressure roller covering considerably extends thanks to being submitted to less frictions.

Hard chrome coating is guaranteed 3 years against corrosion and is available for all G line models.


  • Patented Venturi Burner


  • Standard on:G line


Gas heated models use a very efficient burner, which has been entirely developed and patented by GMP for the specific use on a flatwork ironer.

Thanks to the Venturi effect, the burner automatically creates the ideal air/gas mixture that is suctioned inside the burner and distributed homogeneously along its whole length to obtain a perfectly blue and regular flame, guaranteeing an ideal heat distribution across the whole cylinder.

GMP solution is extremely efficient and avoids gas waste, thus unnecessary energy costs. Moreover it is particularly eco-friendly, with its ppm emission close to zero.

  • Knurled Belts Draft Rollers


  • Standard on:G line


Ironing belts draft rollers are generally covered with a rubber or silicone padding aimed to guarantee the grip necessary for belts rotation. The rubber/silicone padding crystallizes with high temperatures and comes off with the time, leading to ironer stop and to possible belts damages.

GMP has opted for installing padding-free rollers: the knurling process we realize on their metal surface replaces the rubber function, granting the grip necessary for a homogeneous belts traction.

GMP exclusive solution eliminates ironer downtime due to sudden rubber peeling and with it one of the most frequent maintenance operations on a drying ironer.

GMP knurled rollers are guaranteed 5 years.

  • FSS System


  • Standard on:G.50


Because of the 500 mm roll diameter, cylinders installed on G.50 models have an important weight that needs to be well distributed to ensure a smooth rotation, avoiding premature failing of its supports.

Differently from bars, GMP cylinder support system does not bend. It is designed to float, actively keeping the cylinder in balance and compensating eventual different belts elongations associated with belts use.

8 cylinder support wheels instead of the usual 4 distribute the weight over twice the rotation surface with a consequent improvement of the single components lifespan.
The absence of bars makes maintenance interventions faster and easier.