• TENAX lamellar spring padding


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  • Available for:E.25 and E.30 line, GMP.25 and GMP.30 line



TENAX is a stainless steel padding that replaces the standard roller padding made of steelwool. Purposely studied and dimensioned by GMP for its products, TENAX lasts for the entire life of the ironer and opposite to the steelwool does not require any maintenance.

In a medium-term perspective, TENAX should rather be considered as an investment with immediate return than as a pure cost.

  • Entirely realized in 100% stainless steel, TENAX is not subject to deformations: its strong structure remains unaltered in time, guaranteeing identical productivity and perfect contact surface along the whole ironer life.
  • Definitely eliminates concerns about roller shrinking, wrinkles, insufficient drying and service cost.
  • Grants the maximum efficiency of the steam extraction: thanks to its perforated structure, it allows easy and quick removal of humidity from the ironing surface.
  • Increases production capacity: linen can be introduced with higher residual moisture content.
  • Medium lifespan of the Nomex cover felt: 4000+ hours.
  • TIP: If you already own an E line ironer and you wish to upgrade to TENAX, please contact our sales offices: we would be more than glad to supply you further information and the best quotation.


    Accessories Details

    • Available for:E.25 and E.30 line, GMP.20, GMP.25 and GMP.30 line


    GMP recommends a regular use of G.SIL silicone spray.

    Keeping ironing surface clean and well lubricated ensures linen are ironed smoothly and helps obtaining the best results.
    G.Sil reduces the friction between roller and chest, extending the lifespan of the roller cover.

    TIP: Once per week spray G.Sil onto the roller, following instructions printed on the bottle.


    Accessories Details

    • Available for:E.25, GMP.20, GMP.25 and GMP.30 line


    GMP has studied multiple solutions for self-service operation.

  • Flexibility: GMP ironers can be predisposed for connection to external coin meter or to a central payment system. Coin or token solutions are available.
  • Safety: special additional hands protections are applied to ironers installed for public use and within children’s reach, in accordance with the strictest CE safety precautions.
  • Ease of use: in the coin-op version, ironing temperature can be freely programmed choosing from a pre-set range for matching flexibility to the maximum ease of use.
  • TIP: Did you know that E140.25 is the most popular model for self-service operation?

    • Chrome coating


    Accessories Details

    • Available for:G.25, G.35 and G.50 line


    Opting for a chromed cylinder is almost a must in a modern world: linen destined to come in contact with food or with human skin should not be contaminated by oxidation products that inevitably form on the surface of a polished cylinder.

  • Laboratory tests have demonstrated that chromed surfaces are ideal to grant the maximum hygiene, and new researches proved they grant an even better resistance to bacterial growth than stainless steel.
  • 3 years warranty: chrome coating is guaranteed 3 years against corrosion.
  • Output remains constant over the years, thanks to belts maintaining their transpiration capacity: wax makes them impermeable, indeed. Additionally, ironing quality improves because of the smoother surface granted by a chromed surface.
  • TIP: Did you know that you don't need to use wax when cylinder is protected against corrosion?